This is Us (not the show)

Hi All! Megan here 🙂  (I feel like I should specify, because Justin writes blogs too).

I have a bit of time today because, unfortunately, the session I had cancelled due to illness. So I thought I would try out blogging…. again. I want to share a bit about me, about Justin, about us as a couple, and about our business. I think it’s so important to just be our honest selves. Life, social media especially, can turn into a ‘highlight reel’ and I want to make more of an effort to keep it REAL, not REEL.


About Me –

 Megan, recently (and maybe forever) 30.

Has the best intentions to blog more, post more, share more, but get’s busy. And sleepy.

Born & raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Very excited that cacti are becoming trendy and being put on home decor and clothing.

Listening to ‘Family Road Trip Radio’, ‘Beats for Studying’, or ’90s Pop’ stations on Pandora while editing.

Would be interested in learning more about a career where people get paid to nap.

Loves to travel, adventure, explore, and dream. Doing all of those at the same time = Heaven.

About Justin – (from my perspective)

Phenomenal writer. I’m always so impressed with what he comes up with when he takes the time to sit down and write.

Super handsome, great beard.

Very involved in growing the Disc Golf club & sport here in Gaylord.

Was a preemie, just over 3 pounds at birth. (I think this is a neat fact because if you saw him today you’d never guess that!) It’s such a blessing that God put him on this earth.

Scared of things (sorry babe, trying to be real here). If our house ever got invaded, I’d be the one to bust out the ninja skills.

(This is one that he gave me when I asked him to tell me some interesting facts) I love trains!

About Us –

Justin and I met in Gaylord when I was home visiting family for the holidays. At the time I lived in Seattle.

4 days after I flew back to Seattle he bought a one-way ticket for the following day and flew out to see me. We’ve been together since.

We were married at Park of the Pines in Boyne City. The same place I was baptised at 8, and he was baptised one year after our wedding (on the day!).

We’ve been to Ireland and Mexico together.

He proposed on the first night we got to spend in our first home. (We’re a little backwards, I know).

We have the BEST family ever! Honestly, we are both so extremely fortunate to have such supportive, caring, driven, people in our lives.

About Moments –

We started MPB as just a Photo Booth company. After picking up a few friends weddings we expanded into more photography.

Our Instagram is a mess LOL I always forget to add images. We also have a twitter and snapchat we never use. (Partially because I still don’t understand twitter).

I (Megan) do all the culling, editing, album design, and print orders.

Justin designed, created, and maintains our website.

Working with your spouse is so cool! But that doesn’t mean we always get along. Sometimes when I’m hungry I can get pretty snarly.

We have gotten to do so many awesome, interesting jobs. From shooting the red carpet photos at the Northern Michigan Rock Awards to taking photos of radio towers in a blizzard at Camp Grayling.

Is there anything you’ve ever wondered about life in our shoes? Feel free to ask!

Thanks for reading 🙂