Top 5 things to ask your Wedding Photographer

Hi, All! It’s Megan! and it’s my first bloggy-blog. So go easy on me, and don’t kill me for all the exclamation marks. I get real excited when I talk about our business! (<—–see! 🙂 )

A few weeks ago Justin and I attended the Treetops Bridal Expo and I was asked to give a brief presentation about something that had to do with our business. I really wanted to do something that would be helpful for brides and not just ramble on about how awesome MPB is (I could do that for hours). So I came up with this:

Top 5 things to ask your Wedding Photographer! (if you missed my presentation this is the long and short of it, with less giggling and silly dance moves.)

  1. What is your photography style?

This is such an important question, because, right off the bat when you think about your wedding you have a certain vision in your head. You want to make sure that you are choosing a photographer that shares that vision. Some photographers are dark and dramatic, while others are light and airy. It would be silly to hire someone that generally turns out dark, grainy, intense photos if you want bright pastels. Also, do you want super stylized photos (dramatic landscapes, modelesque poses) or candid/lifestyle photos (people laughing, dancing, emotion inducing photos)? That’s something else you should know about your photographer. Justin and I are more lifestyle photographers. We love to catch emotion as it’s happening. Ultimately, my goal is to be able to look back at photos and remember how I felt in that exact moment.

I snagged these 2 photos from the Shoot & Share contest just to give you an idea. 


2. Have you ever shot at my venue?

I’m a firm believer in this question! If the answer to this is ‘no’ ask them if they will do a site visit before your big day. Most of us carry tons of extra equipment just to be sure we are covering all of our bases. However, we have some gorgeous venues in Northern Michigan that have terrible lighting. (No offense all you wonderful barn weddings, I LOVE those chandeliers but dang…. I need more light! So I bring it.) Also, if your photographer has been there before they might know of some good places to sneak off and do portraits at. They’ll also have an idea of the best place for family formals, etc.


3. What is included in your photography packages? 

Get these details up front! Wouldn’t you be super bummed if you were expecting to get all the digital images on a drive only to find out after the fact that they aren’t included? You should know exactly what you’re getting for your money. There’s no harm in asking just to double check and clear things up. This may also mean you pick a different package so that your engagement photos are included, or you get a custom designed album.  Most photographers will even custom design a package to fit your needs.


4. Do you have a portfolio I can review? 

Let’s face it (and be real honest right now) Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are all highlight reels. They are the best of the best and things we want to show off. For the most part. I do occasionally post things to our facebook page simply because I love it, or it makes me laugh. You may absolutely LOVE someone’s work but all you’ve ever seen are the things they’re showcasing on social media. Have you seen any of their family portraits? What about the detail shots? It’s good to know that you’re going to love those things too. Personally, I have no problem sharing a couple’s wedding gallery (with permission, of course!). If you want to sift through all 450 images to make sure you like our style, angles, ideas, etc. I’m happy to let you. The beauty of online galleries is that it’s a lot easier to share those now. If your photographer doesn’t share those things on a gallery site ask if you can sit down with them and review an album.

Here are just a few things of what’s currently out there on our gallery site…


5. When can I expect to receive my photos?

Yay! You’ve done it! You’ve made it through your big day (and almost this entire blog post)! Now it’s time to anxiously await the arrival of your images. I’m telling you… this is the hardest part! As a photographer, I know you’re dying to see how drop dead gorgeous you looked, or how handsome your man was while he was adjusting his cufflinks. I also know how long it takes to sort through and edit those images. We’re very upfront with our couples as to when they can expect to see sneak peaks, galleries, and albums. Generally (because I’m so excited to share them) we get sneak peaks out within a couple days. My goal (again being honest) is to have my image be your profile photo and cover photo. I want you to have the best quality picture to share with friends and family right away.  Everything else falls in line after that. Get a deadline from your photographer! Are you waiting 45-60 days for your images or 6 months? Will you be seeing sneak peaks within 48 hours or 2 weeks? It’s good to know those things. That way you can continue to be excited about your photos and your experience and your photographer doesn’t feel pressured when you text them every day to ask if they’re ready. 🙂


Well, that’s all the words I can put to paper today. Hope you found it helpful! Feel free to pass it along if you think it might be interesting to someone else! 🙂 (See the exclamation marks are back! I’d better go.)


Happy Monday friends, and happy planning!