Happy New Year 2017

Cheers to a New Year. 2016 had its ups and downs. I personally grew to know a better understanding of the world we live in. My resolution is to focus on how to improve my future as a photographer. Now I know that sounds like some outstandingly hard and impossible feat to overcome, but truely any small step or action will put you towards your goals. This blog exists because of taking a chance. I will admit that Megan had a large part in making me overcome some fears, which resulted in a life changing trip I will always remember.
It all started with a text. "Can we go to Mexico on Vacation?", to which my mind went to automatically responding "No", and quickly generated a list of Cons against the idea. Little did I know the Trip was almost a done deal. After a few conversations with Megan, and a large amount of research to convince my over analytical brain that it would be fun and a Business trip I finally agreed, and the rest is history.
We had a fantastic experience, and got to learn new skills from some of the best people in the Wedding Photography Industry. The simple choice of not giving into the fear of "what if" had fantastic results. Megan and I learned that if we are truly ourselves in life and business, there is nothing we cannot do. We sometimes need to step back and realize everything will not be overly perfect like society posts in the media. Sometimes we must take risks to grow, to learn, and to become who we wish to be in life. That being said, I challenge you in 2017 and beyond to break the mold, take time to be a creative and pursue your passions, and truly live in and make every Moment count.